Photographing the Sun on Harsher Trails

Today’s the last day of winter quarter at Savannah College of Art and Design and the next quarter doesn’t begin until the 24th, so I look forward to more Photo Excursions and additional photo experimentations during the break. For now, I’ll show you more of the exposures I got from this past photo excursion and my experience with photographing the sun.

I’d not really done as much golden hour photos as many photographers had in the past, so I will highlight the nice golden colors you get from that here:
You’ll notice that as the sun gets lower in the sky, the more diffuse shadows become in certain areas, but also there is this dramatic glow that becomes more red as the sun goes down. This image isn’t one to sell, but it highlights an important lesson in terms of understanding how color changes over time in terms of natural lighting. That plant is a Sumac, by the way. It’s a plant found in the Eastern United States. Apparently it is used as a spice in order to deliver a tart flavor to foods but be careful to avoid picking any poisonous Sumac, because that also exists although it’s not as common. The leaves are similar. Anyway, toward nightfallthe sky began to look morered as it lowered below horizon, like so:


This is nightfall, dark blue skies, and a nice jeep. Have a great Friday!

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