Where am I?!

Bonjour! Over the past 5 days, more or less, I’ve been in London, United Kingdom; Marseilles, Lacoste, Apt, and Pont Julien, France.

An assignment was due on natural lighting and I had to have a food photograph, so I took a few snaps of some fish and chips and the hotel before leaving for the airport for SCAD Lacoste. Here is my favorite of those: Fish and Chips Close


Moving on, here are the photographs of Lacoste I have taken in and from Upper Village of Lacoste. These are from the first Saturday prior to beginning classes at SCAD Lacoste, which is Savannah College of Art and Design, in the Photography program. I hope you’ll enjoy them, there will be many more during the course of the next two months.

28 June 2014 - A View from Upper Village 28 June 2014 - A View from Upper Village-3 28 June 2014 - A View from Upper Village-2 Maisson-Fort 28 June 2014 - A Sculpture in Upper Village

There are a ton of historic sculptures like the one above. As you can also see, there is an abundance of fields and farmland in these hills. The fields that I have noticed are growing grapes, olives, cherry trees, and lavender. There is a great deal of lavender, which is wonderful because it’s my favorite, and the smell is lovely. Cherries are still around but will be gone in the next few weeks as they are at the end of the season. If you should visit Lacoste, be wary of wild boar, as they are prevalent in this area. There are also snakes, but none poisonous that I have been warned about, and there are no mountain lions or cougars. Lacoste was once home to the Marquis de Sade, whose chateau has been purchased by Pierre Cardin. Cardin will be throwing an arts and cultural festival for about two weeks in July, the Festival de Sade. There are around 30 people living in the proper village (Upper village) of Lacoste, and there are only around 200-300 people living in the area as a whole. Savannah College of Art and Design takes up about half of the village at this point. The village is a part of a national park. All for now on Lacoste, take a look below at images of Pont Julien, an historic Roman arch bridge dated back to 3 BC.

28 June 2014 - Pont Julien-2Pont Julien bridge Pont Julien bridge

An interesting thing about this type of ancient architecture is that (and a local staff member demonstrated this to me and a few other students), if one person stands on one end of a single arch, and the other person stands on the other end with his/her ear up to the wall, then he/she can hear the other person speak into the wall from the other side. These brilliant acoustics are one of the interesting aspects of this ancient Roman architectural style.

Somewhat unrelated, here is a bike path in France off to the side of the road near the bridge:

28 June 2014 - Pont Julien Bicycle Route

Ok, bye! Au revoir! Bonsoir!!! xx

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