Ancient Amphitheatre beyond Chateau de Sade

Start from the bottom and make your way up to the amphitheater at the end where Luke is sitting.

The day before going to Paris, I took a friend to this ancient amphitheatre that a number of other SCAD students and I discovered in the first week. Because it was my second time showing someone how to get to it, I decided to photograph the journey for future SCAD students to keep directions on hand. If you’re starting out from Maison Basse, this is exactly how to get there. Luke and I take you through all the turns.

ANNL7706 So here we are, starting out from Maison Basse.

ANNL7714 Go to the end of the driveway and turn right. This is the view you should see, more or less. Lacoste should be there unless it’s been pillaged by the time you visit.

ANNL7719 Go straight….

ANNL7725 The road turns into a cement/gravel road. You’ll see a turn up there to the left but don’t take it. Take the right road and continue up the semi-mountain/steep hill.

ANNL7744 That’s…

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