About Me

I am a photographer located near the Olivia Raney Local History Library in Oak View County Park, Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve been photographing since 2010. My formal art background includes studies at Valdosta State University and Savannah College of Art and Design. I hold a membership with the Professional Photographers of America.

The genres of photography I specialize in are Artistic, People, Scenic, and Night Photography.

Scroll down to the *** section to learn more about credit-based services revolving around goal-based community outreach activities.

In addition to pursuing art through photography, I teach piano, study grant writing, and have a goal to get through a Ph.D. Philosophy program at UNC so that I can continue to research and learn how to integrate critical thinking, logic and reasoning education into the community. Photography is ultimately a medium I plan to use in research to illustrate examples in the long run, as well as help out the community where possible. So that’s a little about me….

The Fun Stuff:

Any assignment begins with us meeting and collaborating on ideas. After that, we meet at the shoot location(s), take photographs, and I filter through the full set of photos for the best and toss the worst. You pick out favorites with me, I edit from the selection, and you receive free web-sized watermarked jpegs to share on the internet. Prints are then purchased per sheet or per customized package; you can create your own package based on what combination of sizes and quantity works best for you.

**If more services or artists are requested for a session, such as an assistant or cosmetics artists, then their prices will be added onto mine.

Meetings are complimentary within a 25 mile radius. We must meet ahead to plan the project together (I like to collaborate with clients on ideas when possible), and then we meet afterward to pick favorites from proofs, order your prints or customized packages, digital files, etc.

I have photographed and collaborated with other artists on a multitude of genres ranging from portraits (all ages across a spectrum of styles, for fine art and for professional use) to landscapes to night photography to editorials to fashion and still life, and also have extensive training and experience in digital editing via Photoshop and other photography software. I do not shoot weddings.

To inquire, email v@victoriakingphotography.com or call (919) 909-5441.



Download a full brochure with individualized or packaged prices here: PDFFull Brochure PDF.compressed

***I extend credits as a reward for services that promote the local economy, community involvement and local education. I will compile a list of those goal-related activities, with a link here, that you can complete in return for credits toward select photography and tutoring services.


April-June 2014:  Gutstein Gallery; Savannah, Georgia
2 Prints involving Human Altered Landscapes of West Virginia (linked here)

KCoal Building and Landscape near Naoma, West Virginia, February 20, 2014

Plum Orchard Lake, Winter 2014 (extended credit to Brett Meador and Mike Anderson)

July 2014:  Lacoste, Vaucluse, France
3 prints involving fashion, cultural history and lifestyle of Provence and France (see below)

Lady in Yellow
La Parisienne

Nimes Cathedral
Santa Maria

Abi Dress 13x19

Abi Lierheimer, Fashion Designer

Member of Professional Photographers of America
Certified Professional Photographer

Hiking excursions and locational research
French travel journal available at https://annbeaumontgoestofrance.wordpress.com

For inquiries, email v@victoriakingphotography.com or call 919-909-5441

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